Remember when you were a teen? Eager to learn new things, explore new possibilities and most importantly at your creative best. Teens today have access to more than what you had and that is why providing them the best of the lot is important.

While there’s no particular age to learn new skills, for mastering Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills, teenage is perfect. AI proficiency is not just a choice any more. Since AI surrounds us all in education, career, and daily life- it is important that everyone knows how to use AI.

Since teens are naturally curious and creative, AI is becoming popular among them. Also, the option for online coding for kids and teens makes it easy for busy ones to upskill.

Here are the top 4 reasons why Artificial Intelligence for teens is becoming popular day by day

  1. AI improves Academic Performance and builds a Positive Mindset:

When children hit adolescence, their academic curve often goes down. This happens for various reasons like restlessness, peer pressure or lack of leisure hours. Often teens experience a general lack of motivation at this age.

Learning AI skills has proven to improve academic performance in teens. When teens write codes, it helps them retain their interest. They break down bigger problems into small ones while solving them one by one with their codes. This problem-solving attitude builds a positive mindset in teens helping them cope better with challenges. With online coding for kids and teens available easily, teens can master such skills even with busy schedules.

  1. Coding Develops Problem-Solving Skills:

After a certain age, no one solves our problems. Teenagers often try to solve simple problems on their own without involving their parents. Having a solution-oriented mind enables them to face small challenges and find solutions for them instead of brooding over them.

Since coding is all about taking a problem and solving it with codes, it helps them look at problems as challenges to overcome. Using AI, teens approach challenges with a solution mindset. Thus, the popularity of Artificial Intelligence for teens has increased with time.

  1. AI Improves Logical Thinking and Reasoning Abilities:

Peer pressure often lets teenagers encounter tough situations which pressurises them to make decisions. Since decision-making is new to these young adults, they often feel stressed by the pressure of choosing between what is right and wrong.

Coding helps teens build logic. Applying the right AI and coding concepts at the right place results in the program running error-free. This helps the teen to grasp better judgment abilities.

Coding encourages teens to think critically and differently. As a result, they learn how to approach real-world challenges with effective solutions. Thus, artificial intelligence for teens is gaining popularity and helping them to become better decision-makers.

  1. Coding Builds Student Profile:

Teens often dream of studying in Ivy League Colleges or other top universities. However, without a strong student profile, admission to such elite colleges is but a distant dream.
The admission process to these elite schools remains competitive, and a strong student profile helps to stand out among the crowd.

Strong AI skills showcase different aspects of a student like problem-solving, logical thinking, and creativity. The availability of various coding internships, competitions and boot camps provides teens with the opportunity to build strong student profiles and stand out in the competition.

Clevered is an e-learning platform that provides online coding for kids. It aims to make AI education interesting for children of age 8 to 18 while empowering them with futuristic skills. It also offers a Letter of Recommendation from a Senior Oxford Professor (Retd) that helps teens to build a unique and strong student profile.

As technology continues to advance, so does the demand for individual skills in the job market. The present global market value of AI is over $136 billion. Thus, by introducing Artificial Intelligence for teens in education, it becomes easier for them to grasp various AI-related concepts like data science, robotics and machine learning. It also helps teens to develop futuristic skills and be prepared for the professional world.