Are you a high-school student who wants to build an unbeatable student profile to boost your chances of getting into the university of your dreams? If your answer is yes, then keep reading because you are in the right place!

University admissions are getting more competitive by the minute. Top universities look way beyond academic excellence and co-curricular engagement. If you are skilled in new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, it adds an edge to your student profile. Building projects is a proven way to showcase such skills in your profile. However, there are three things you should remember while choosing your projects.

  1. Problem-Solving- Your project should aim at solving a major problem and contribute to the community. For instance, voice-enabled calculators that help sight-impaired students use calculators with ease are an example of such an AI-based project.
  2. Consistency- Don’t start late and try to build many projects in one year. Be consistent and start early. Once you are in high school, start building such projects to showcase consistency and dedication.
  3. Easy to use- The projects that you create should be easy for the users to use. It should make their tasks simple or reduce the time taken to perform any action.

Artificial Intelligence projects for school students are a great way to showcase both digital skills and problem-solving abilities.

Let’s take a look at some of the best artificial intelligence projects that you can start working on to build an impressive student profile.

Disease Prediction Project

Healthcare is always open to new ideas. What also makes this domain a good pick to create projects on is that whatever effort you put into solving a healthcare problem tends to have a ripple effect. Such projects showcase your eagerness to solve bigger problems and contribute to the community.

Fake News Detection Project

To help your project add value to your student profile,  the thought behind the chosen project is as crucial as its functionalities. In this world where fake news spreads fast, this project is quite a stunner. By using Artificial Intelligence you can create a project which helps users identify fake news and stop it from spreading.

Sentiment Analysis or Emotion Detection

Another great topic to create artificial intelligence projects for school students is sentiment analysis or emotion detection. Since the world has become a lot fast-paced, keeping up with the speed is often a hassle for both adults and children. A project that helps users analyze sentiment and detect the emotional condition of others can benefit society greatly. At several workplaces, this is put in place to ensure that employees are not emotionally exhausted.

Some projects for inspiration

At Clevered, our Artificial Intelligence Internship with (retd.) Senior Researcher of the University of Oxford empowers interns to build such powerful SDG-compliant projects that help in profile building for school students. Let’s take a look at some of the most impactful ones

1. LifeMed– Your Health Our Priority by Marcus Fernandes

LifeMed employs Artificial Intelligence to predict disease likelihood based on medical history and symptoms. This case study focuses on building a deep learning model for accurate disease predictions, aiding early detection and timely intervention.

How does LifeMed contribute to the society?

2. Agridon– Plant Disease Detection App by Sajini Varadharajan, Grade 8

Agridon covers three of the most important aspects of agricultural science, Plant Disease Prediction,  Crop and Fertilizer Prediction, and Soil Type Prediction.

The Plant Disease Prediction App tells the farmer whether his or her plant is healthy. The Crop and Fertilizer Prediction App will enhance the farmer’s knowledge of the crop that can be grown in different qualities of soil and fertilizers that can be used to ensure a quality crop.  The Soil Type Prediction App will tell the farmer what type of soil he/she has.

Such projects that empower a community as a whole impress admission counselors during university admission.

3.      Big Bull Traders by Kyra Behl, Grade 10

This is an all-in-one app for seamless trading of stocks, Bitcoin, and NFTs. Great for people new to the e-market, Big Bull Traders works with real-time market data and has an intuitive user interface where users can learn about sites to safely buy whatever e-investments they want. 

It benefits society by allowing many businesses that rely on working with trading stocks, bitcoins, and NFTs, to gather and analyze real-time data. This user-friendly platform explores and expands the development of AI helping businesses know which stocks/ Cryptos/ NFTs to invest. Big Bull Traders is a great application for new traders too!

4. Image Captioning by Kevin Johnson George

Image Captioning is a great project that identifies images and displays captions on an image. This is of great use to online shoppers who want to find out more about a product and want auto-generated captions (descriptions) for the image that they see in front of them.

This project promotes inclusivity as it also caters to the special needs of visually impaired users.


With a little motivation and some guidance, profile building for high school students becomes a cakewalk. To add an edge, you can work on SDG-compliant projects and gain internship experience.

If you are a high school student or know someone who is dreaming of making it to a big university, you can trust Clevered for its immensely successful AI Internship Program in association with the University of Oxford’s senior researcher (retd.)