Coding made fun and engaging with our
Young Coder's Program

Why learn coding?
best online coding classes for kids Imagination
Enable your child to think out of the box
programming for kids Creative Skills
Inculcate creative skillset in your child
Kids coding classes online Logical Thinking
Turn your child into a creator with the power of coding
coding school for kids Problem-Solving
Encourage your child to solve real-world problems with coding
Why choose Young Coder's Program
coding for kids
  • Live interactive sessions
  • Personalized curriculum
  • Project-based learning
  • Gamified quizzes
  • Providing class recordings
  • Perfect for children between the ages of 6 and 12
  • No prior programming background is required, making it accessible to all young learners
  • Students with previous programming experience will have the opportunity to join our advanced level courses
  • Kids who are interested in learning and exploring the world of coding
Who can join
Young Coder's Program?
free coding classes for kids
Our Program
  • Application Coding
  • Application Testing
  • Working with Numbers
  • Sound & Clock
  • Components
  • Audio & Video
  • Components
  • Logical & Conditional
  • Operators
  • Web Viewer
  • Spinner
  • Video App
  • Photo App
  • Flappy Bird Game
  • Introduction to Coding
  • Block Sequencing
  • Parallelism
  • Complex Loops
  • Animations
  • Debugging
  • 2D Coordinates
  • Variables Conditionals
  • User Interactivity Functions
  • Data Representation
  • Voice Controlled Game
  • Math Calculator
  • Race Chase Game
  • Animated Stories
  • Chimes Game
  • Introduction to Block Coding
  • Sequence Puzzles
  • Loops Character creation
  • Complex Motions
  • Basic Debugging
  • Conditionals Animations
  • Learnings Story Board
  • Animated Creatures
  • Quiz Game
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Artificial Intelligence for high school
Auhona Chakraborty
Grade: 9, Thailand
Face Recognition Attendance Marking System
Learned Skill: Python for teens
Watch Project: clevered youtube

Features of the project:

Auhona Chakraborty from Thailand created a project called the Face Recognition Attendance Marking System. The functionality of this app is to register new profiles by asking for name and ID and capturing images.

Prajot Singh
Grade: 10, India
Object Detection
Learned Skill: Python for teens
Watch Project: clevered youtube

Features of the project:

Object Detection helps to identify objects from a given image. This project can be used for educational purposes for small students and mainly for students with visual imparities.

Grade: 12, Saudi Arabia
Diabetes Prediction App
Learned Skill: Python for teens
Watch Project: clevered youtube

Features of the project:

Megha Nilesh Varma created a project named Diabetes Prediction App. It uses data of BMI, Age, and number of pregnancies incurred and analyses them with respect to the loaded dataset, and determines whether a Female is diabetic or not.

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