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Certified Coding
Instructor Program

Empowering Women with Essential
21st-Century Skills for Professional Growth
Reignite your professional journey after a career break. CCIP empowers women with essential 21st-century skills through personalized support,
industry-relevant training and career guidance. Step back into the workforce confidently and achieve your professional goals
Educators and Women Upskilled
Plus schools partnered
increase in salary
Restarted careers as WFH coding instructor
Program Objective
According to NEP-2020 guidelines, Coding has become an essential part of school curriculum thus Certified Coding teachers are in great demand.
  • Mastering Coding and AI Teaching Techniques
  • Getting World-Class Online Resources and Skill-Based Mentorship
  • Introduction to Programming Skills using Scratch
12 Theory Session
4 Practical Session
5 Mock Session
1 Personalized session
Who can Do this Program?
Embark on a Rewarding Coding Teaching Career
  • Perfect for Freshers
  • Freelancers
  • Homemakers
  • Career Starters
Why Clevered's CCIP Program?
faculty development program
Certified Program
Only program certified by MSME (govt. of India) & Girl Up Seher (A United Nations Foundation)
certified coding instructor program
Simplified curriculum
Experience Ease of Learning and Flexibility with 4 Different Levels Designed curriculum to Match Your Teaching Requirements
certified coding teacher
Engage in Project-Based Learning
Get exposed to live teaching sessions to develop problem solving and reasoning skills
coding & ai course for educators
Unmatched Career Support
Dedicated job assistance to help you get to work at the earliest
faculty development program online
Remote Work Opportunity
Great opportunity for those looking for Work-From-Home positions or undergoing a career break
certified coding instructor program online
Unlimited Lifetime Access
Course Video Recordings and Scripts, your Go-To Resource for Future Reference
Benefits of Coding Instructor Program
certified coding teacher online
  • Teach basic coding concepts
  • Become familiar with block based coding
  • Hands on experience to practice teaching
  • Understand the importance and implementation of soft skills
  • Understand the importance and implementation of soft skills
  • Develop problem solving and reasoning skills
What Does the Program Cover?
  1. Build a Strong Knowledge Base of AI & Coding Concepts
  2. Engrained Hands-On Understanding of Concepts
  3. Real-Class Experience with Mock Sessions
Flexible access for busy individuals, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere, even with limited daily availability.
Get one personalized career support from our consultant for resume building, interview prep, job placement, and professional growth.
Evaluation and Feedback Sessions that will qualify you as Certified Coding Instructor.
CCIP Program Levels
  • Qualifies you to Teach Coding to Primary Classes (Grades 3-5)
CCIP Intermediary
  • Qualifies you to Teach Coding to Primary Classes (Grades 6-8)
CCIP Advanced
  • Qualifies You to Teach Coding to High School Students (Grades 9-12)
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