AI has revolutionized today’s world. Back in our childhood days, it was just a theoretical concept and a fictional reality that we saw only in movies. As a result, we had no reliable source to learn about AI. The overcomplicated explanation of how AI works left us confused and astray. We began to consider that a person with a high IQ is only eligible to study and work with AI. Our misconception grew and widened our gap with AI education.

The best way to bridge this gap is to introduce AI education in the correct books. Books are the ultimate source of knowledge. Books always help develop imagination and creativity in a child’s mind. Introducing AI through good books helps motivate kids to get more invested in STEM education.

Fortunately, a growing selection of books for children has been geared towards introducing and explaining concepts like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in accessible and engaging ways. Let’s dive into some of the top AI books for kids that combine education with fun!

1.     Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future

Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future is a highly accessible guide to understanding the complicated concepts of AI. The book is comprised of 101 commonly asked questions and answers about Artificial Intelligence. As a result, the complex concepts are explained in a simple and comprehensible manner, making it suitable for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

The author skillfully answers the questions related to various AI topics, from machine learning to ethical considerations of AI and how it impacts not just an individual but the whole society. The book discusses the ethical dilemmas and societal implications, explaining to the reader about impacts of AI and robotics on society and not just narrating the business benefits of AI.

For parents planning to introduce AI education to their children and encourage them to pursue becoming an AI expert, gifting this book is highly recommended. By introducing young minds to the fundamentals of AI early on, you can empower your children to become informed about AI. Moreover, this book can ignite curiosity and inspire a passion for technology and innovation among young minds.

In summary, “Artificial Intelligence: 101 Things You Must Know Today About Our Future” is an essential read for all age groups curious about AI. This book offers valuable insights that are both enlightening and thought-provoking. Gift it to your children and let them embark on a journey to explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.

2.     Coding for Kids in Scratch 3: The Complete Guide to Creating Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Games for Beginners

Scratch is the best platform to introduce coding language to kids. If you want your child to become a coding genius and create exciting projects with Scratch 3, then “Coding for Kids in Scratch 3: The Complete Guide to Creating Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Games for Beginners” is the perfect book to begin your child’s coding journey. The book is appropriate for young minds exploring the world of coding. The illustration and light humor-based language of the book is a perfect introduction to Scratch 3 for young minds.

The author’s approach is both educational and entertaining, making learning to code a fun and engaging experience for young readers. The step-by-step instructions with vibrant illustrations are meant to help beginners grasp the fundamentals of coding easily.

The book focuses on practical application. Exercises in the book guide readers to learn coding basics by working on exciting projects. Hence, “Coding for Kids in Scratch 3: The Complete Guide to Creating Art, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Games for Beginners” is a must-read for any child eager to learn coding. The book inspires them to explore the world of artificial intelligence.

3.     Machine Learning using Python:

Machine Learning using Python is a comprehensive resource to introduce students to the dynamic field of machine learning. This book is tailored to provide students with solid groundwork in machine learning principles. It is a balanced blend of theoretical understanding and hands-on practice.

One of the book’s key strengths is its meticulous coverage of essential topics, ranging from the fundamental concepts of machine learning to advanced techniques. Students gain valuable insights into how machine learning algorithms like decision tree learning to ensemble methods like random forest and boosting.

Each topic is explained through a step-by-step approach, encouraging students to explore, build, evaluate, and optimize machine learning models. This book is appropriate for students attending high schools. However, its comprehensive explanation of topics and practical examples and exercises make it accessible to students of diverse backgrounds. The book focuses on Python libraries to ensure relevance in today’s data-driven landscape.

Machine Learning using Python serves as a roadmap for students embarking on their journey into the realm of machine learning.

4.     AI for Junior by Clevered

Clevered’s AI for Junior books are written keeping one thing in mind- igniting the curiosity and passion to code. Clevered’s academic books are designed in keeping with the guidance of the University of Oxford’s senior researcher (retd.)

The series of books titled “Junior Data Scientist,” is in sync with Clevered’s coding platform AI Labs. The books serve as a great resource for students as well as educators. It promotes hands-on learning experiences and greatly contributes to the skill development of children.

Clevered’s books stand out due to their meticulously structured and captivating content that is aligned with the NEP 2020 guidelines.

A feature of the books that makes them unique is the inclusion of QR codes that students can scan to get instant access to instructional videos, ensuring anytime and anywhere learning opportunities.

5.     STEM Starters for Kids Artificial Intelligence Activity Book

STEM Starters for Kids Artificial Intelligence Activity Book serves as an engaging and colorful medium that stimulates children’s curiosity and interest to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The book is incredibly enjoyable for young minds and to develop their continued interest in STEM education. This book is part of a series that aims to ignite a passion for STEM subjects from an early age. It develops a strong foundation in these subjects for future academic and career pursuits.

STEM Starters for Kids Artificial Intelligence Activity Book engages children interested in building robots or exploring outer space or the universe with a variety of interactive exercises. The book includes stimulating activities like spotting the difference, drawing challenges puzzles, pattern identification, quizzes, and more.

The unique feature of the book is its ability to teach about AI in the disguise of play. Kids find themselves absorbed in the fascinating realm of robotics, unaware that they are simultaneously learning about robots, machinery, circuitry, coding, and beyond.

STEM Starters for Kids: Robotics Activity Book is an ideal book to inspire children’s interest in science and technology.


These books offer valuable insights into the world of AI and robotics. The books are a perfect blend of information and engaging activities that stimulate curiosity and critical thinking in young minds. These AI books empower children to explore complex AI topics and the various possibilities of technology in the future. These books provide a fantastic starting point for their journey into the exciting realm of artificial intelligence.