The world today is technology driven and the driving force behind technology is coding. Coding is so much important in today’s era that it is often regarded as a ‘new literacy’. It is as much, if not more, important as reading, writing and arithmetic. One thing that you can be pretty sure of is that when our children reach an employable age, knowing how to code will be a must-have skill.

When it comes to learning how to code, there’s never an age too soon. Kids especially enjoy gamified coding sessions since it includes fun activities. Whether it is block coding or text coding, there are various online programming classes for kids available.

If you are wondering why go online to teach your kids coding, here are the top two reasons-

  1. Kids’ online programming classes are engaging: Children love their screen time. So, why not make the best use of it and introduce your young ones to the world of technology through online coding classes for kids? Kids interact and engage with their trainers during the live sessions making their interest in coding soar high.
  2. Online coding classes are flexible: You don’t have to worry about taking your child to a physical address when they are enrolled in online classes. You get the flexibility to choose your schedule and learn from the best teachers across the globe. Say goodbye to geographical boundaries and time spent on travelling to offline classes.

If you are looking for the best online programming classes for your kids, here are some of the top picks for you:

1.   Clevered

Clevered’s online coding programs are designed in form of a journey. At Clevered, your child will learn, intern and grow. The international young coders program have their curriculum built under the expert guidance of MIT and University of Oxford’s senior researchers making it one the best. Clevered’s students don’t just learn making apps and games, they build an unbeatable student profile while acquiring employability skills. Clevered also offers internship opportunities for top students where they get a chance to intern with Univeristy of Oxford’s (retd.) Senior Researcher.

2.   Scratch

Deisgned by MIT, Scratch is an impressive platform for children to learn coding online. This is a free online coding language where children can create their own games, animations and stories based on their personal interests using intuitive programming blocks.

You can say that Scratch is the ABC of coding where children can learn basic concepts of coding like using loops to tell stories, using conditionals to create simple games and so on. For learners aged 6-8 years, Scratch can be a good online programming platform.


Another free online programming for kids is where children can understand basic concepts of coding and learn how to code with self-guided lesson plans. Students who are highly motivated to learn coding or parents who are intensely focused on their child’s coding journey can benefit from since it requires the zeal to keep learning on one’s own.

Unlike Scratch, is built for slightly older children. Students can use blocks, CSS, JavaScript and HTML to build websites and apps.

Teaching coding to the kids the most effective way

Just like driving, coding is best learned hands-on. That’s the reason why young students learn to acquire better skills when they join online programming classes for kids. Live classes ensure consistency in helping students upskill.

There are, undoubtedly, several free online resources that you may find. However, having a dedicated mentor to explain coding concepts and teach your child hands-on is an experience that is entirely different and way more rewarding.

If you want to start your child’s coding journey in the best possible way, book a free class with Clevered today. We assure you that our expert mentors will ensure that your child has the most exciting and meaningful upskilling journey.