As we reflect back to the past year, we realize that 2023 was a year of AI. The year witnessed the launch of 1000+ AI-powered apps across the globe. The release of numerous AI tools alludes to the fact that we are witnessing the dawn of the era of AI. It implies the necessity of teaching coding and equipping young minds with AI education so that they can achieve their goals in the future.

As technology continues to shape the world, it is becoming crucial to equip teenagers with the valuable skills of coding and AI education. Learning to code allows teenagers to become technologically friendly. Thus, navigating in this digital landscape becomes easy. 

As a parent, if you are still wondering whether to introduce the world of coding and AI education to your child, then here are some compelling reasons why it is crucial in today’s world.

1. Student Profile Building

Teaching coding and AI education to children helps build a robust student profile that provides a competitive edge in our expanding digital world. It sets them apart.

In this era of AI, coding is becoming synonymous with overall literacy. Learning coding skills become a unique feature of a student’s academic and extracurricular portfolio.

It showcases their other skills such as logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and reasoning mindset. Elite educational institutions value students who demonstrate such strong skill sets.

Hence, coding is a valuable asset for a child’s future endeavors.

2. Employable Skills

As the digital world expands, the job market also evolves. Employers prefer to seek candidates with a diverse skill set that includes technological proficiency, brainstorming skills, critical thinking reasoning, and skills to approach problems.

Exploring coding and AI education from an early age provides children with a head start in developing these employable skills. The skills gained while learning coding help your child aspire to become a software developer or data scientist or pursue a career in any field they desire.

Skills such as problem-solving and logical thinking are universally applicable and highly sought after in every industry.

3. Problem-Solving Mindset

Coding is not just about learning a programming language. Learning coding is about developing effective solutions through critical reasoning and a problem-solving mindset.

Through various coding and AI projects, children learn how to approach challenges analytically, break down complex problems into smaller and manageable sections, and devise creative solutions. These problem-solving and logical reasoning skills are transferable and applicable to various aspects of life.

These skills foster resilience and adaptability which becomes useful and valuable for a lifetime. Be it in academic, professional, or personal life, these qualities are essential to succeed in any field.

4. Improved Academic Performance

Higher education programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields require coding proficiency. By teaching coding to teenagers at an early age, as a parent you can better prepare your children for higher studies in college and beyond. 

As a bonus, it has been observed that there is a positive connection between AI education, coding, and regular academic curriculum. Children learning coding exhibit improved academic performance. 

Exposure to AI education and coding enhances logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, mathematical abilities, and observation skills. The hands-on, interactive projects of coding make learning enjoyable and engaging for children. 

The coding experience shapes their mind with numerous skills and helps them succeed across other academic subjects.

5. Flexibility and Accessibility:

In today’s fast-paced world, children are always getting overwhelmed with tight schedules and homework. It becomes difficult to manage school, a healthy sleep cycle, an eating schedule, and a commute to coaching centers.

Children are exhausted and lose their eagerness to learn new lessons. This is where online coding classes come in handy. It offers flexibility in terms of scheduling and accessibility. Children can learn to code without compromising their daily habits or exhausting their energy from commuting.

They can enjoy the classes from the comfort of their homes. They do not lose their enthusiasm to learn new lessons. Online coding classes are not only convenient for busy schedules but also cater to different learning styles.

It makes the learning experience more personalized, and children can learn at their own pace.


As technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, teaching children to code is an investment in their future. Online coding classes offer a convenient way to equip children with valuable skills in coding and AI education.

Clevered is an online coding platform that teaches coding and AI education to children. It aims to foster a creative mindset among teenagers that will help them in this fast-growing technical world. 

Exposure to coding helps to develop a resilient mindset that is prepared to embrace challenges.  Along with benefits like enhanced employability and academic performance, it also empowers your children to thrive in the digital age and succeed in tomorrow’s technological landscape.